The Countdown Begins…..

The countdown begins until the UK-sired lambs arrive (three weeks and counting). The ewes are all sorted, shorn, and vaccinated and awaiting THE due date. 111 ewes were all artificially inseminated (80+ confirmed pregnant via ultrasound) on the same day, which means they all have the same due date (I’ll pause to let this sink in).

Yes, it will be wild and woolly. Ken and I will take vacation during the 4-6 days needed to lamb out these ewes. We also have some very capable extra help popping in to help out.

We expect to have about 20-25 ewes lambing/day, although if we get a good spring snow storm, those drops in barometric pressure usually cause a real ‘lamb-alanche’. We are busy building extra jugs and arranging the barn for this flurry of new lambs.  Our biggest challenge will be to prevent the ‘gang lambings’ where more than one ewe lambs in one spot (the power of suggestion is IRRESISTIBLE to a late-pregnancy ewe that hears the bleat of another newborn)  making it impossible to discern which lambs belong to which ewe.

Does anyone have any spare catcher’s mitts we could borrow? 🙂

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