Sheep Sales Lists

I am receiving a lot of email requests for our sales lists now that the new crop of lambs is on the ground, so I thought I’d give an update.

I expect to have a list of UK-sired ewe lambs and possibly some mature ewes (to make room for the new UK genetics) sometime after weaning. When is weaning? Good question.

I expect weaning to be sometime between mid-May (60 days) and mid- June (100 days). I need to submit the weaning data to Lambplan then have time to analyze the EBVs to make culling decisions.

As soon as I can get my working chute re-assembled now that lambing is over, I need to work the yearling rams through the barn to assess them for  sale. They most likely won’t be shorn yet, but I hope to have that list put together sometime in mid- to late April.

The UK-sired ram lambs (born this month) will not be available until late 2011 at the earliest. I need to let them grow out a bit to gather more post-weaning information for Lambplan, as well as have them genotyped for scrapie resistance at Codon 171. I know all will be QR or RR as both UK sires were RR at Codon 171.

For all sales lists, I will email it to those of you who have requested that you be put on my notification list. I will also post here that the list is available, in case I missed anyone. If I do, send me an email.

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