2013 Sales List

Another year is upon us, as is another generation of sheep. We are in the process of putting together the 2013 sales list. So far here’s how it’s shaping up:

We will have a handful of fall 2012 ewe lambs (born Nov. 2012) available later this spring.

We are also expecting a large crop of lambs in Feb. 2013. We expect to have a significant number of weaned ewe lambs available from this group after weaning (late May/early June).

We have a few 2-year old UK-sired rams available (born Mar 2011). The border between the US and England is currently closed, so we don’t know what the future may bring for further importation.

We also have some yearling fall-born rams (born Nov. 2011) for sale.

We will have yearling rams (born Feb 2012) as well as a few fall-born ram lambs (born Nov. 2012) available later this spring.

The older rams (UK-sired rams and fall yearlings) are available now. I will take deposits on them at this time.

The rest will be available later this spring after more data is collected on them.

We are able and willing to move rams between now and about Feb. 10. At that point we start lambing and we will not have any sheep movement until lambing is completed (4-5 weeks later).

We would be happy to put you on the notification list for either or both lists when they’re available, or take deposits on the older rams. Contact us with that information or any questions you may have.

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1 Response to 2013 Sales List

  1. Terry L Mefford says:

    Please let me know what you have available on your rams (data and prices) Thanks Terry L Mefford

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