2013 Sales List

Another year is upon us, as is another generation of sheep. We are in the process of putting together the 2013 sales list. So far here’s how it’s shaping up:

We will have a handful of fall 2012 ewe lambs (born Nov. 2012) available later this spring.

We are also expecting a large crop of lambs in Feb. 2013. We expect to have a significant number of weaned ewe lambs available from this group after weaning (late May/early June).

We have a few 2-year old UK-sired rams available (born Mar 2011). The border between the US and England is currently closed, so we don’t know what the future may bring for further importation.

We also have some yearling fall-born rams (born Nov. 2011) for sale.

We will have yearling rams (born Feb 2012) as well as a few fall-born ram lambs (born Nov. 2012) available later this spring.

The older rams (UK-sired rams and fall yearlings) are available now. I will take deposits on them at this time.

The rest will be available later this spring after more data is collected on them.

We are able and willing to move rams between now and about Feb. 10. At that point we start lambing and we will not have any sheep movement until lambing is completed (4-5 weeks later).

We would be happy to put you on the notification list for either or both lists when they’re available, or take deposits on the older rams. Contact us with that information or any questions you may have.

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Dorset Rams For Sale

We have a nice selection of UK-sired yearling rams and fall-born ram lambs out of our own sires.

All of these rams have been raised on an all-forage diet, and have never seen grain in their lives. We raise our sheep extensively, culling hard for those that don’t fare well in our system.

Production-oriented, performance tested. Lambplan EBVs available on all.

We were the first to import Poll Dorset genetics from England in over 50 years. This is our second offering of F1 offspring from this AI project. We have been very impressed with the performance and phenotype of these sheep.

For those who are not aware, the border recently closed to importation of semen from Europe. I plan on importing more semen in the future if it’s possible, but the timeline is unknown until we see what happens with the importation regulations.

I have transportation available to OK (or points in between here and there along the route) via Russ Edgar sometime in mid-June (tentative date).

I can also get rams transported to Sedalia, MO in late June (during the Midwest Stud Ram Sale). Buyers would be responsible to find transportation from Sedalia to their final destination.

For more information on our flock, visit http://www.kbarkfarm.com

Contact me directly at the information below for more information and an individual list.

Kathy Soder

K Bar K Farm
Ken, Kathy and Nathan Soder
Production-oriented, Performance-tested© Polled Dorset Sheep
First to import Poll Dorset genetics from England in 50 years!
Petersburg, PA USA
Visit our blog at http://www.kbarkfarm.wordpress.com

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Ewe Lambs

We are now taking deposits on ewe lambs to be picked up in May/June after weaning (mostly Feb/Mar 2012 ewe lambs with a small group of Oct/Nov 2011 ewe lambs). If you did not receive an email from us today, but are interested in ewe lambs, please contact us.

This will be our only offering of ewes until the next lamb crop (planned in fall 2012).

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2012 Sales Lists Update

We’re starting to get a number of inquiries regarding our 2012 breeding stock sales list. We had a nice fall 2011 lambing, and are expecting another batch of lambs starting around Feb. 14, 2012.

Rams- I will be offering UK-sired (AI) yearling rams (born Mar. 2011) in April/May 2012. Early demand seems to be strong for these rams.

Ewe lambs- We will have a ewe lamb sales list available in May/June, after the Feb. lambs are weaned and the EBVs are back. There will also be a few fall 2011 ewe lambs in this offering.

Mature ewes- We do not plan on having any mature/exposed/bred ewes available in 2012.

If you’d like to be put on either or both notification lists, contact us.

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Since CIDRs (Controlled Internal Drug Release progesterone implant used to synchronize ewes through the use of progesterone) have been legalized for sheep, some breeders are using them to synchronize ewes to tighten up lambing seasons and also to try to bring anestrous ewes into heat. This will make it more difficult to determine whether fall-born animals are naturally fall lambing, or whether it was assisted via the use of CDIRs. K Bar K Farm has decided NOT to use CIDRs except for artificial insemination- that way the sheep can express their natural fertility patterns which will help us continue to select for out of season breeding, and also for ewes that naturally conceive during the first breeding cycle. 

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We are thankful for our families, our health, and that all of our basic needs are met (and then some!).

We are thankful to those that defend the freedoms we too often take for granted.

We are thankful for all our customers that continually re-affirm the demand and need for the type of sheep we produce. Sometimes that reaffirmation is needed when having a bad day.

Happy Thanksgiving everyone!

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Breeding Stock Sold out, Fall Lambs Arriving

We are sold out of breeding stock for the year. We will have more yearling rams and ewe lambs in 2012. Contact me to be put on the notification list.

The fall lambs are arriving- the ewes must have heard that we took a load of market lambs to New Holland for Eid al Adha last weekend and decided the sheep population was too low on the farm!

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Transportation to Louisville

Ram transportation is available to NAILE (Louisville) in early November to make connections to other destinations.

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Transportation to St. Louis, MO

I have transportation available to the St. Louis, MO area on Labor Day weekend if anyone is interested in a ram. Contact me.

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Ewes are Sold

The limited number of mature ewes we had for sale sold quickly. Our next lamb crop is due in November, and we hope to have weaned ewe lambs available in early 2012. If you were already on our notification list, you will be contacted. If you would like to be removed/added, please email me.

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